30 Days of Content (3)

30 days of development!

The benefits of an I.D.E.A. membership continue to grow! With our focus on assisting members with business success, stronger organizational skills and an array of innovative ideas, we have spent the last three months producing 30 days of new content. Each day we will publish a a totally new resource for our members. From e-learning seminars and live webinars to office downloads and marketing templates, there is something for everyone.

Members will have two options to watch and/or download the content:

1) I.D.E.A. member site

2) I.D.E.A. Members United private Facebook group

A couple of the cool happenings include: more "Great IDEAs in 5 or Less." These short clips offer members new ideas for the classroom, studio management, income generating concepts and much more in 5 minutes or less. There will also be a series of LIVE! with Rhee seminars throughout the month and a complete Office Administrator Handbook available for download and immediate use in your studio.

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Enjoy this and all our content, designed to help you have the dance school of your dreams!

Something Special
June 15

Rhee sits down with Geo Hubela, who shares his story and love affair with dance from seeing Michael Jackson dance on television to being on stage with him, himself and now to owning his own dance studio. Be inspired by Geo's story!

LIVE! with Rhee
June 16 @ 4:00pm

Rhee Gold goes live on our members-only Facebook group to talk about the dance life with our members, answer some pressing questions and share some laughs. It is a great way for studio owners to share challenges and joys.

Resource Downloads
June 17

 Team Information           Audition Application

Use these forms with your competition students and parents to keep them all on the same page and understanding your studio's competition vision

Using Dance for Good
June 18

Jessica Michaels and Ian Hockley share about Wingman for Dance, which they created in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. It is a unique program which provides positive and uplifting classroom and summer programs.

Profit Center:
School Vacation Programs
June 19

Teri Mangiaratti talks about creative and fun ways to generate income at your studio during those "off times:" school vacations, summer, etc. With some planning and exciting activities, you can turn that empty space into profit.

Behavioral Challenges
& Solutions
June 20

Tricia Gomez, founder of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Certification, talks about working with students in your studios who have learning differences; offering tips on how to effectively engage them in a positive and loving way.

Building & Promoting
Your Brand
June 21

Your brand is your studio's face and mission. Chasta Hamilton talks about how to build a consistent brand at your studio that will be effective in your community and how to get your entire studio family to reflect and live this culture you build.

Great IDEA: Dance Word Rings
June 22

We're all looking for teaching tools and Julie Kay is a master! Add her Dance Word Rings to your curriculum to enhance your students' educational opportunities and ability to understand what you are teaching in the classroom.

LIVE! with Rhee
June 23 @ 4:00pm

Rhee Gold goes live on our members-only Facebook group to talk about the the keys to marketing to our clients. Rhee talks about what works on social media and how to best present your studio's mission and culture online.

The Art of Adjudication
June 24

Diane Gudat, a choreographer and dance teacher with many years of experience judging competitions. Diane speaks on the current state of competition, what judges are looking for and hints to be successful.

Giving Hope Through
June 25

Rhee is joined by Susan Rizzo Vincent, founder of Drea's Dream. Susan speaks about the years of charitable work that this great organization has done to help children with cancer and special needs; showing the power of dance.

Studio Remodel
June 26

Owning our own building and calling it home to our dance studio is a dream for many, but it comes with many challenges. I.D.E.A. member, Shantel Robeaux, talks about the journey she and her husband undertook to make it a reality.

Judging from a Teacher's Perspective
June 27

Drew Burgess, professional dancer, master teacher and experienced competition judge, shares insights from his years of judging to help studio owners know positive and healthy ways to have successful competitive dancers.

Fall Marketing:
Social Media Templates
June 28

As you prepare for the Fall and make your last push for registration, use these fun and professionally designed templates to promote your class offerings and let others know about the many benefits of dance classes at your school.

Great IDEA:
Positive Feedback
June 29

Tricia Gomez's experience working with students who have learning difficulties has taught her many lessons. Giving feedback to these students needs to be honest, but positive and done with care. It's a learned skill she shares with us.

LIVE! with Rhee
June 30 @ 4:00pm

Rhee Gold goes live on our members-only Facebook group to talk about the dance life with our members, answer some pressing questions and share some laughs. It is a great way for studio owners to share challenges and joys.

Happy & Safe Students:
Resource Downloads
July 1

Medical Treatment Consent
Policies for Staff w/ Children Dancing

Use these forms in your studio to keep records and policies organized with both your parents' and staff's children.

Live w/ Rhee: Change is Good
July 2 @ 4:00pm

Rhee Gold goes live on our members-only Facebook group to discuss the process of change. It's never easy to embrace change, but it's necessary for growth. Rhee will discuss how to be flexible and open to new ideas.

Faculty Communication
July 3

Ginny Durow, I.D.E.A. member and owner of Ginny's Danceworks in Brighton, MI, has a staff of over 10 teachers and an office manager. Keeping them happy and motivated involves direct and positive communication. 

Buddy System
July 4

Empowering our students to be good dancers AND great citizens is our mission. I.D.E.A. member, Erin Rae McNamara, has developed a program in her school which uses her older dancers as mentors for new, younger students. It's so cool!

Social Media Practices
July 5

June Lawrence, of June Lawrence School of Dance in Mississauga, ON, works hard to keep her studio's social media presence consistent and effective. June discusses strategies that work and how to make your brand shine.

Great IDEA:
Tuition Collection
July 6

It seems so obvious, but getting paid for your services is essential! Patty Neal offers a couple quick tips that work for her to get your tuition payments and still maintain a positive relationship with the families at your studio.

Playlists 101
July 7

Rhee chats with Julie Kay Stallcup, owner of Revolution Dance Center in Montrose, CA. She shares helpful tips on how to choose the best music for your dancers in both recitals and competitions. Fun, age-appropriate music is possible!

YPAD: Youth Protection
July 8

As dance teachers we are entrusted with the most valuable resource at our studios: the students. Leslie Scott, founder of YPAD, discusses child protection policies and programs which can be used in your studio.

Embracing Chaos
& Change
July 9

Chasta Hamilton, studio owner and master teacher, has grown her studio in Raleigh, NC every year. Doing this requires making prudent, but bold decisions. Chasta shares how to overcome the fear of change and make chaos work for you.

Income & Expense Analysis Guide
July 10

Use this download to analyze your studio's income and expenses to help you plan appropriately for the upcoming season and be successful. This document will assist you to review your expenses and see the income you need.

Office Administrator
July 11

A Complete Resource for Your Entire Office Staff
Organized and efficient is what we want from our office staff. This handbook is a compilation of documents, templates and policies from Rhee and the I.D.E.A. content committee.

LIVE! at the
DanceLife Retreat Center
July 12

Get an exclusive peek inside this summer at the DanceLife Retreat Center. Rhee will discuss "Selling Your Program;" a practical look at how to effectively brand, market & promote your recreational program to students & parents.

Great IDEA:
One-Day Activity
July 13

Teri Mangiaratti shares a simple idea to get kids in your studio and build good will in the community. A simple one-day activity on a holiday or school vacation can let current and prospective families see your studio as a fun place to be!

suprise graphic
July 14

Why a surprise?
Well, life is always a little better when something good comes to you unexpectedly! Watch for yet another way I.D.E.A. is working to make you and your studio as successful as possible.
Stay tuned!

Speakers & Special Guests

Geo Hubela, Icon Dance Complex; Manalapan Township, NJ

Jessica Michaels & Ian Hockley, Wingman For Dance

Teri Mangiaratti, In Sync Center of the Arts; Quincy, MA

Tricia Gomez, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Certification

Chasta Hamilton, Stage Door Dance Productions; Raleigh, NC

Julie Kay Stallcup, Revolution Dance Center; Montrose, CA

Diane Gudat, The Dance Company; Indianapolis, IN

Susan Rizzo Vincent; Drea's Dream

Rhee Gold, DanceLife Retreat Center, Norton, MA

Shantel Robeaux, Shantel's Dance Academy; Belle Chasse, LA

Drew Burgess; Choreographer; Mr. Dance of America 2017

Ginny Durow, Ginny's Danceworks; Brighton, MI

Erin Rae McNamara, Erin Rae's School of Dance; Westport, MA

June Lawrence, June Lawrence School of Dance; Mississauga, ON