Astoria Dance Centre; Astoria, NY



Maureen Gelchion has owned and directed Astoria Dance Centre Inc., in New York, for 31 years. Maureen manages a staff of fourteen employees and assistants. Her school, which enrolls 435 students, offers a variety of music and acting classes, including the Broadway Bound program. Her dance curriculum is extensive and she directs several unique preschool programs. Maureen also owns a separate dancewear store to service dance studios throughout her community.  She shares the management of her businesses with her husband Tony Corso who teaches acting at their school. Together they have presented seminars for “Husband and Wife” school owner teams.

Maureen received her BA from Queens College in Flushing, NY and has been teaching dance for 38 years. In this time she has served as panelist for the United Dance Merchants of America and presenter for Project Motivate, the DanceLife Teacher Conference and the DanceLife Retreat Center.  Maureen is also a member of Dance Educators of America, the Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey and the National Dance Education Organization and is an advocate and regional director for the National Dance Week foundation.