Ms. Lisa’s Dance

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Lisa Schmiedeke

About Ms. Lisa’s Dance

Dance is a form of expression for a young child. If dance is introduced at a young age it should be fun and incorporate self orientation and character growth by working with a natural flow of movements. As we know, a positive self concept is important in a child’s development, and we promote this theory by finding the dance style that best suits each student’s skills and interests. With our little dancers we do this by incorporating dance props with creativity and the use of their imagination. Planting the seed for dance early in a child’s life allows growth and experience to shape from a variety of different styles of movement. “My goal is to inspire all of my little dancers with the passion to dance”.
As our students gain experience, we focus on building solid technique while nurturing each dancer’s individual talents. Our goal for our older students is to challenge and inspire them to progress toward the next level , while gaining a sense of motivation, discipline and passion for dance.

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3805 W. San Miguel Street Tampa, FL 33629