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Three Special Pop-Up Sessions for Studio Owners & Administrators

Hosted by International Dance Entrepreneurs Association



NON-MEMBERS: $79 / seminar OR $199 for all three seminars

Mastering the Art of Delegation

In this seminar, Pete Mohr, a seasoned expert, delves into "Principles of Effective Delegation for Studio Owners." Explore the essence of delegation in studio management, distinguish delegation from abdication, and identify tasks ready for delegation. Learn the art of choosing the perfect team member, mastering clear communication, and ensuring they have the resources needed for success. Then, Stacey Morgan takes the stage to empower your staff through delegation and trust-building. Cultivate a culture of trust, encourage autonomy, and discover the transformative power of feedback, recognition, and embracing mistakes.

customer Experience Enhancement

Join us for this seminar as we journey into designing exceptional customer experiences. In the first 90 minutes, our expert, Teri Mangiaratti, will unravel the secrets of creating an exceptional customer journey. Understand the intricate stages of a student's experience, personalized strategies, and effective communication. Dive into real-world case studies showcasing successful enhancements. Then, Rhee Gold explores the art of exceptional customer service. Learn to infuse a customer-centric approach, master problem-solving with grace, and consistently exceed expectations. Discover the secrets to building unwavering customer loyalty through exceptional service.

Effective Communication & Management

In this engaging session, we cover faculty management and building a cohesive team. Led by studio owners, Pam Simpson and June Lawrence, you'll explore strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented faculty members. Learn how to implement efficient faculty evaluation processes and cultivate a strong team with a focus on collaboration, trust, and open communication. Discover the significance of ongoing professional development and staff recognition while exploring various incentive programs to motivate and retain your team. Additionally, we'll delve into strategizing meetings and creating a central communication hub to enhance coordination, decision-making, and engagement among faculty, staff, and administrators. 

IDEA Pop Up Seminar Headers
Rhee Gold 2016 IDEA Conference speaker

Rhee Gold

Pete Mohr

Pete Mohr

Lawrence 2 Reduced

June Lawrence

Morgan Stacey

Stacey Morgan

Teri Mangiaratti

Teri Mangiaratti

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Pam Simpson

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