The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association (I.D.E.A.)


The current dance studio business model is all about inclusivity; creating curriculum and programs that are open to ALL who want to experience the art of dance. ~Rhee Gold

The dance education field is coming back with gusto, but in a whole new way! At I.D.E.A. we believe that the doors have flung open to possibilities and opportunity. Business success today isn’t about being the school who trains the best dancers or wins the most awards. It’s about building a culture of community where every child or adult is valued regardless of skill level achieved.

Figure out what you really want, then success will come. ~Rhee Gold

At I.D.E.A., you'll receive the tools and training to create YOUR dream studio! YOUR is the key word . . . Gold and his team believe in encouraging members to strive to lead the business/studio that is right for them, personally and professionally. There is not a one-size-fits-all dance studio model; it is about bringing YOUR unique talents, experiences, and philosophies to the table. That's how we stand out from the rest!

If your desire is to max out at 150 dancers, stive to build an enrollment with hundreds of students, or anywhere between, we are here to help you achieve your goal! Plus, you’ll discover ways to maximize efficiency, build systems, master delegation and much more.

It's the Perfect Time to Join!

NEW! Master Class Series for Members & Their Faculty

NEW! I.D.E.A. Member Support Team: One-On-One Support When You Need It at No Extra Charge!

NEW! More Than Forty Member Events Through July 2022

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Classroom Tools: Coloring Pages, Recital Strategies, Choreo. Ideas & More

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And there is MORE!

Complimentary 2-Day Virtual Dance Entrepreneurs Summit Nov. 2022 open to members and one administrator!

Always $50. Off the DanceLife Teacher Conference for Members, Faculty & Staff!

I.D.E.A. Member Gathering & Training at the DanceLife Teacher Conference

I.D.E.A. Member Town Halls

 or paid in full annually at $1,089 (1-Month FREE)
12 Month Commitment

Membership & Eligibility

Membership is granted to actively engaged school owners who agree to endorse and abide by the Code of Ethics, which serves as a guideline and living conscience for all members. We are called to maintain respect for the art of dance, our students, faculty and staff along with other studio owners in our communities. Proof of school ownership may be requested.

NEW! Every month I.D.E.A. will present a master class for our members and their faculty. This program is included as a benefit at no charge. I.D.E.A. is here to support YOU both inside and outside of the classroom!

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(1-year commitment) or paid in full annually at $1,089 (save $99)


With member schools throughout the United States, Canada and beyond, you can find an I.D.E.A. school near you for support. Our Member Directory shows the way I.D.E.A. is truly revolutionizing the business of studio ownership all over.


I.D.E.A. PREMIUM PARTNERS represent 90+ dance-related vendors who offer exclusive I.D.E.A. MEMBER savings. If I.D.E.A. Members utilize the many discounts available, they cover the cost of membership and more!

Join 300+ studio owners from across the United States, Canada, Australia and beyond! Discover a welcoming community of passionate dance studio owners. Through networking, our Facebook group, virtual or live seminars and real life support, we welcome like-minded studio owners to become part of our tribe!


Quality customer service is always important. Our members and all studio owners are our top priority. If you have questions about how I.D.E.A. is a fit for your school, talk with our staff and we will answer all your questions.

I.D.E.A. Mission

To protect the reputation of dance education by setting a high standard for safe and fair business practices. Making a commitment to ensure all students, regardless of age or skill level are offered a quality dance education.

To assist in the member’s growth of business, school organization and ability to create a positive culture that fosters successful dance students while always maintaining a professional and supportive environment.

To come together to share the latest trends, business concepts, and build camaraderie among studio owners.



(1-year commitment) or paid in full annually at $1,089 (save $99)

I.D.E.A. Members May Become a Certified Dance Entrepreneur

Taking dance studio ownership to a new level!

Introducing the Certificate of Dance Entrepreneurship Program


Learn about the CDE program (Video)

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The Certificate of Dance Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive program that bolsters a studio owner’s core competencies and aligns one’s business towards their goals. Monthly modules introduce standards for studio ownership, expert interviews, ongoing support, and learning activities that inspire the creation and implementation of business and professional action plans.

This certification is ideal for any dance studio owner seeking to bring together their business operations and professional goals while utilizing the support and accountability of mentors within a small-group setting.

The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association is a global organization dedicated to making dance studio and school owners successful, profitable and reputable in the dance world. We are happy to answer your questions at any time.

Address: PO Box 2150, Norton, MA 02766

Phone: 508-285-6650