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(Biz) Successful Summer Strategies

Melissa Hoffman is the CEO of one of the largest schools in N.H. Not only does she have a thriving studio, but her summer programs are a hige success. She will share and explore innovative approaches to thriving in the summer season.Learn about her programs, maximizing your studio space, staffing and more.

Open to Members

(Master Class) Better Teachers; Better Students

A true teacher's teacher, Sandi Duncan, offers this class for I.D.E.A. studio owners and their faculty on how to be the best version of yourself. This concept of personal and professional growth is not only essential for teachers, but helps you to get the most out of your students in and out of the classroom.

Open to Members & Faculty

(Biz) Studio Owner - Administrator Synergy

Enhance collaboration and create a synergistic partnership between yourself and your office administrator and staff. Pam has invested much time and energy in developing best practices to make this relationship seamless and mutually beneficial, and she will share what has worked for her and what may have needed improvement.

Open to Members

Special Pop-Up Studio Owner Workshop 2/25 

Open to I.D.E.A. Members and 1 Administrator

Mastering the Art of Delegation

In this seminar, Pete Mohr, a seasoned expert, delves into "Principles of Effective Delegation for Studio Owners." Explore the essence of delegation in studio management, distinguish delegation from abdication, and identify tasks ready for delegation. Learn the art of choosing the perfect team member, mastering clear communication, and ensuring they have the resources needed for success. Then, Stacey Morgan takes the stage to empower your staff through delegation and trust-building. Cultivate a culture of trust, encourage autonomy, and discover the transformative power of feedback, recognition, and embracing mistakes.

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My Vision;
Your Mission

You have the vision and culture of your studio written and engrained in your mind, it's now time to ensure your vision integrated into everything that happens at your studio. Pete Mohr will dive into the systems and processes needed to ensure a continuity of performance in your studio. Pete Mohr is an executive coach, business and marketing consultant, public speaker and mentor.

Open to Members

Addressing Bullying in the Studio

Open to studio owners, admin staff and teachers, parents, this seminar aims to raise awareness, foster empathy, and provide actionable strategies to create a safe and inclusive environment. We will explore the nuances of bullying to gain a deeper understanding of the various forms of bullying in the dance world, from subtle acts of exclusion to more overt forms of intimidation.

Open to Members & Faculty

Team Retreats & Events

Melissa Hoffman, Vicki Wallace & Stacey Sanitate share insights on how to best support and train your staff. From financial and time investments to the type of events and teambuilding activities, each will share what they have found to work and what you can do to organize and execute staff events, retreats and continuing education opportunities for your staff.

Open to Members

Finishing Strong

How to the End the Year to Ensure Student Retention

While the end of the season seems to be all about competition and recital prep, it is really a time to ensure a high percentage of retention in your studio. Teri will share retention strategies that have worked for her and how to ensure that the last weeks of classes are so special that your students will already be excited to come back in the Fall.

Open to Members

Special Pop-Up Studio Owner Workshop 3/24

Open to I.D.E.A. Members and 1 Administrator

Customer Service Enhancement

Join us for this seminar as we journey into designing exceptional customer experiences. In the first 90 minutes, our expert, Teri Mangiaratti, will unravel the secrets of creating an exceptional customer journey. Understand the intricate stages of a student's experience, personalized strategies, and effective communication. Dive into real-world case studies showcasing successful enhancements. Then, Rhee Gold explores the art of exceptional customer service. Learn to infuse a customer-centric approach, master problem-solving with grace, and consistently exceed expectations. Discover the secrets to building unwavering customer loyalty through exceptional service.

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Special Pop-Up Studio Owner Workshop 4/07

Open to I.D.E.A. Members and 1 Administrator

Effective Communication & Management

In this engaging session, we cover faculty management and building a cohesive team. Led by studio owners, Pam Simpson and June Lawrence, you'll explore strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented faculty members. Learn how to implement efficient faculty evaluation processes and cultivate a strong team with a focus on collaboration, trust, and open communication. Discover the significance of ongoing professional development and staff recognition while exploring various incentive programs to motivate and retain your team. Additionally, we'll delve into strategizing meetings and creating a central communication hub to enhance coordination, decision-making, and engagement among faculty, staff, and administrators.

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