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In 2018, I.D.E.A. is traveling the U.S. and Canada to meet our members and help other studio owners to learn about the benefits of being an I.D.E.A. member.

The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association offers all dance school owners unique opportunities in their regions for professional development and training. Events provide the occasion for school owners  to come together for education, networking and business training. I.D.E.A. brings the world of dance to life through business and education.

See below for details on upcoming events sponsored by I.D.E.A. and information on how to register.

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A Bright IDEA
Norton BI (13)

Bright I.D.E.A. Gatherings

A Bright IDEA is a 2 1/2 hour gathering of local studio owners who are serious about professional development by finding the help needed to grow their business.

There is no obligation to join. It is an opportunity to meet other studio owners who share the dance life and learn more about the ways in which I.D.E.A. can help support you.

June 26 - Charlotte, NC
Miller Street Dance Academy
11532 Providence Road, Suite 0

June 28 - North Miami, FL
MAD Dance, Inc.
645 NE 125th Street

July 17 - Montrose, CA
Revolution Dance Center
2287 Honolulu Avenue

August 7 - Pensacola, FL
In His Steps Christian Dance Studio and Performing Arts
6231 North W Street, Suite 5

August 10 - Walled Lake, MI
Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center
1400 E West Maple Road

August 15 - Mississauga, ON
June Lawrence School of Dance
3190 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 31

August 16 - Ocean Grove, NJ
Shoreline Dance Academy
66 South Main Street


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