Mangiaratti, Teri

Teri Mangiaratti is the owner and artistic director of In Sync Center of the Arts in Quincy, Massachusetts. Launching her school in 1996, Teri currently has more than 1200 students taking in a variety of dance, toddler, music, theater, and art programs.  As she celebrates her 25th anniversary, Teri’s 8000 square foot facility currently employs more than 30 faculty and administrative staff. Currently, she serves as a mentor for the Gold Alliance, and as a speaker for the DanceLife Teacher Conference, the DanceLife Retreat Center, Hollywood Connection, Australian Association of Dance Teachers, among others.

She has created curriculums for preschool programs being utilized by dance teachers throughout the U.S. Teri is a respected business speaker who offers practical concepts for growth, retention, scheduling, special events, faculty and staff management, summer camps/programs and more. Her enthusiasm, confidence and ability to inspire makes her a studio owner’s favorite!

As mother of two teenage boys, Teri works hard at maintaining the balance of family life, creative artist, and business owner.