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Great ideas and a really positive feel!! Super charged!! Bravo! 💜

~ Lisa Simko Schumann

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Dear Friends,

You're invited to the I.D.E.A. Business Summit, now available on demand through January 21, 2021. The event is open to studio owners who are ready to focus on a season of growth. Explore the concept of "never ending registration," new programs that work in a CoVid world, in-studio activities and ideas to keep our competitive dancers enthusiastic. Attendees have the chance to analyze the numbers to determine where $$$ can be saved and we will re-evaluate the recital of the future. All this and more in one event!

No matter what, Rhee Gold, his team and the summit faculty will bring attendees the highest standards when it comes to our virtual platform. Utilizing the same program that we did with the 2020 DanceLife Teacher Conference.

Reviews from those who have experienced the 2020 I.D.E.A. Business Summit

Thank you for always believing in us and bringing our community together. It’s Wicked Awesome! ~ Erin Rae McNamara

Thanks International Dance Entrepreneurs Association! You can wear your PJs and get house work done between sessions. ~ Jenny O'Brien

Thank you Rhee Gold and all the Amazing speakers. ~ Stacey Sharp Sanitate

So powerful, as always! ~ LaShonda Chaney

I am so excited to watch everything on demand. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for us. ~ Ingrid Schatz

Learned so much and was inspired to keep going in these challenging times. ~ Isabelle Cook

[It's what] we all needed to hear and be a part of! Thank you! Inspired once again. ~ Donna Frech Sharp

Available through 1/20/21

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Jam-Packed I.D.E.A. Summit Schedule


Session 1 - And We're Off

Session 2 - Eyes to the Future 1
Hedy, Teri & Rhee

Session 3 - Eyes to the Future 2

Session 4 - Zoom Hang Out

Session 5 - Good Morning I.D.E.A.!

Session 6 - Number Crunch
Erin, Rhee & Teri

Session 7 - The Early Years Movement

Session 8 - Soul Talk
Claudette, LaShonda & Rhee

Session 9 - In the Theatre of Life, the Show Must Go On!
Hedy, Melissa and Rhee

Session 10 - And One More Thing


Stagestep Flooring Solutions
Curtain Call Costumes
Jackrabbit Technologies
Just Music
That's Entertainment Performing Arts Competition


LaShonda Chaney
Claudette Gendreau LMHC
Rhee Gold
Melissa Hoffman
Geo Hubela
Teri Mangiarartti
Erin Mosqueda
Hedy Perna
Andrea Trench


Summit Session Descriptions

And We're Off
Rhee welcomes attendees to the 1st Virtual I.D.E.A. Business Summit. Be inspired and set the tone for a time of transformation and education.

Eyes to the Future 1
This year's registration coincides with so many other life-changing events for our students and their families; this is the season of "never-ending-registration." Let's dig deep into the possibilities for building enrollment, offering new programs, and fresh in-studio activities to keep our current and future students loving dance.

Eyes to the Future 2
Better and healthier intensive/competitive programs. What does the future hold for our "stronger" dancers? Let's explore fresh concepts to continue to educate and inspire as we pioneer a new dance world.

Zoom Hang Out 
Rhee gathers with Summit attendees for some Q&A and some fun.

Good Morning I.D.E.A.! 
The I.D.E.A. Morning Show featuring Geo Hubela with a special guest from HGTV. . . Be inspired, do a little dance and smile your way into a great day of education!

Number Crunch
All about dollars and sense! Where can we cut back without jeopardizing quality dance education? Explore cost-cutting concepts while we re-evaluate expenses to move forward into a more secure financial future. 

The Early Years: (Movement Workshop)
Andrea Trench shares her well-researched DiscoverDance early childhood dance curriculum with I.D.E.A. Members. Explore and examine new possibilities for the preschool classroom, along with strategies to offer students a foundation that prepares them for a future in dance and life.

Soul Talk
Leading during these times means that we must uncover and nurture our own needs. Psychotherapist, Dr. Claudette and Rhee explore how we can better balance our emotions to become more confident on a personal and business level. LaShonda Chaney continues sharing her strategies for creating a better understanding of the diversity within our classrooms.

In the Theatre of Life, the Show Must Go On! ~Avijeet Das 
We have made through one CoVid recital season. What have we learned? What may be changed forever? Where do we go next with the experience and knowledge we have? What is the best way to move forward with costuming? All of these questions and more are explored and analyzed to set us all on a path for success.

And One More Thing

Questions? Contact: Greg Bettencourt, or 508.285.6650

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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